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How to make a company sustainable

Sustainability is now a business philosophy and culture.

How to make a company sustainable?

The question that we all want to be answered, but before that we have to answer: what does sustainable mean?  Sustainability refers to ecology and economy, and it means that it can be maintained for a long time without depleting its resources and without causing serious damage to the environment.



Given this, it is clear that sustainability refers to developing both a culture and a sufficiently self-sufficient organization, sustaining itself by reusing its own materials, recycling them, doing everything possible to protect the ecosystem.  This is now known as following a KM 0 philosophy.

To achieve this, following the next instructions is a must:

- Make a selection of raw materials.

- Properly manage waste management.

- Review the energy efficiency of the facilities.

- Bet on the closest suppliers.

These four qualities can guide any company to become sustainable.



The rule of the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) came to save the world.  Given that raw materials are the first link in the production chain, it is essential to make sure that you meet the highest quality and sustainability standards.

In the case of Actiu Spain, the designs of its products are the result of an effort to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible throughout the life cycle of the product: obtaining the raw materials, during their production, use, disposal and possible recycling. Actiu has even been a pioneer in Spain by incorporating melamine 0% formaldehyde in all its product offerings.



Actiu is also a pioneer in the reuse and recycling of its products.  85% of its boards are recycled and the plastic injection processes that shape some products, such as its Wing chair, where all the excess is reused in new parts.

In the case of manufacturers, sustainability has a lot to do with the durability of the products and the reduction of their carbon footprint.  If a product is created with recycled or reused materials and is also useful for a long period, its benefit for the environment is even greater and positive.



These examples make it clear that making the business sustainable is not impossible, as well as how incredibly beneficial it is for everyone involved.  Because creating a culture of sustainability also includes the aspect of caring for the well-being of the work team through the implementation of sustainable equipment and furniture, along with improving energy performance.