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How to decorate and set up a Gaming Office

Do you know what a Gaming Office is? Keep reading to find out

Every day the new generation of video game players increases and becomes more professional, today there are several corporations that are exclusively dedicated to training people to join their eSport teams, eSports, as their name indicates, are electronic sports, In Spanish also known as cyber sports, this modern profession arose as a result of video game competitions that have become highly popular events, these being generally multiplayer video games.

With the constant growth in the number of international championships and the evolution in the increase in prize value, eSport teams started to become more and more professional. As a result of this increase in competitors in the area, the form of management of these teams began to be treated as a company, or they were acquired by other larger companies that manage the team.



Now, it's time to start clarifying terms. What is a Gaming Office? This consists of a place where the eSports teams carry out all their training and preparation before the big competitions.

In a gaming office, everything necessary for the proper training of an eSports team is gathered. First of all, you need a large area where all the players can be close enough to exchange information with each other while playing test games. But in addition to this main room, there must be meeting, study, and discussion rooms, a kitchen, and a recreational area, as well as a viewing room for real-time analysis of plays and other things that can vary from one place to another. team to another.



Decorating a space for gaming follows certain premises that are not very different from a common office, but there are certain details such as lighting, which have a very particular style to benefit the concentration and health of the players.

The hallmark of professional gaming offices is that they are bright and eye-catching, provided with a show of intense red lights that contrast with the dark environment of the game room. These lights should be installed on the back of the desk so that they reflect off the walls, floor, and ceiling.



More than necessary is ergonomic furniture, a flexible desk, a comfortable and adjustable chair, and a monitor with a stand to promote movement and avoid staying in the same position for a long time. A good chair and a good desk are a fundamental part of any office and this one does not make a difference.

Although not everyone has this, two key elements for a professional gaming office are that each desk has two monitors, as well as a desk lamp that adequately illuminates the keyboard, which preferably should also have illuminated keys.