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How to choose the best chair to study

A trustworthy companion to keep focus.

We spend many hours of the day sitting down, so just as a good bed is necessary for a better rest, a good chair is key to finding a balance between productivity and rest when carrying out daily activities.  Choosing a model that suits your environment and benefits your health is more important than anyone might think.

In the case of study chairs, the elements to consider are height adjustability, regulating and ergonomic, which avoids discomfort to benefit concentration.  A perfect chair will ensure that work or study are carried out with efficiency and motivation for as many hours as necessary.



What fundamental characteristic can make the difference in a chair to study or work?  The ergonomics, of course.

The better the seat and backrest adapt to the body, the greater the comfort and efficiency. A good posture will benefit concentration and correct postural hygiene will prevent injuries and pain.

In addition to this, a height-adjustable seat prevents the load on the legs and relieves the pressure of the seat on the back of the knees. The backrest must always adapt to the shape of the back, an issue that avoids the creation of angles that cause localized pressure.



Debate to resolve: study chair with legs or with casters?

Study chairs with legs are becoming more and more frequent, both those with casters and these have different important characteristics to take into account, it all depends on what the user is looking for:

  • First of all, there is no doubt that study chairs with casters provide more freedom of movement. The most recommended for large spaces are chairs with casters, but if the space is small, then the main option is one with legs.



  • It must be said: in study chairs with casters, you tend to lose concentration a little more often. Chairs with legs, on the other hand, reduce the movement and distractions of looking somewhere, favoring the concentration of the gaze and concentration at the desk.
  • This is important, in chairs with casters you can spend more time sitting than in one with legs. By having more ergonomic designs and adaptability to changes in posture, they undoubtedly help to stay seated for longer.