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How to balance the modern office and productivity

Setting limits is necessary.

Although for many the current office design is almost a dream come true, in practice, not everyone has immediately adapted to it, and although there is talk of the multiple benefits of working in an open and cosmopolitan office, the need for private and closed spaces to better concentrate still predominates in work habits.

Some of the cons of working daily in an open office are noise, distractions, lack of privacy and personal space, because there is no doubt that an open office provides communication, freedom and creativity, concentration is a key part for maximum productivity.



In the search for the perfect workspace, several solutions have come to light; solutions that allow you to make the most of the open office without the need to make large investments in the construction of walls, after all, a correct study of the open space can transform it into an intuitive and comfortable place.

In the first instance, in order to get the most out of an open space, it must be defined exactly. Through the use of different materials for the floor, lighting and furniture, a great differentiation can be achieved between one area and another, in addition, playing with the color scheme can be another great help to distinguish the spaces according to the activity that is taking place in them.



The open office seeks connection and the exchange of ideas and opinions between employees, but to make each one feel comfortable with their style, a good way to make the space feel more private is to make those areas that are not for meetings or conferences customizable, managing to convey a sense of belonging between the talents and the space. It is believed that the teams are more optimal and perform better when they have an object that they consider important near them.

Now to the main problem: how to avoid distractions. Although it can be a bit complicated, it is a matter of creativity. By organizing mobile desks and files, moving partitions and open panels, a sense of refuge and personal space can be achieved. For a more efficient result, the use of aquariums and greenhouses is a good choice, strategically located so that they block movements and other activities that can mean significant interruptions.