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How interior design can attract and retain talents in 2023

It is the best time to update your spaces and that is the best investment

The current employment situation is at a critical moment since the number of unemployed people has lowered a lot of years, which leads to the number of valuable talents also scarce.

What is this about?

Surveys assume that, as a consequence of the pandemic, many people saw themselves in need of working from home, which would lead to a large number of people will fall to work in this modality, moving them away from the offices. One of the primary objectives for companies is to convince the best talents that it is time to return (whether intermittently) to work from physical space.



An in-law's configuration could significantly affect the ability to recruit and retain key employees. Reading the advice we have studied, I could help maintain an avant-garde and modern workspace.

First, it is time to think about the type of industry, the function of the company, and the location to decide whether it is better to keep the work area of a traditional type or change it to an open space.



In the event that the work field is more conservative in accounting, laws, or in financial services, it is sure that customers and employees feel more comfortable in a more traditional space. Likewise, if it is a company that has a lot of interaction with customers and needs privacy to make calls or meetings, a closed type office is ideal.

On the other hand, if it is a company where collaboration and teamwork are part of the work culture, then an open design will be more effective.



It is also important to take into account how long employees currently spend in the office, as well as consider that many current talents prefer to have more flexibility in their routines and at least have the opportunity to work half a distance.

Although thinking about the well-being and preferences of possible employees is one of the priorities to take into account if you want to count on the best talents to join the team, thinking about employees who are already part of the workforce is necessary. Going from a traditional office to an open one from one moment to another can be a surprise not very well received at first, affecting the system already established. A good way to start the transition is to create incentives or raise the advantages that a new office design will have for common productivity and well-being.



The open office design is more convenient for newer and technological companies so the expectation for office design is higher. From an open office design company, it is more common.