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Artistic Acoustic Panels

Enhancing Sound and Style

High-quality, modern acoustic panels are an elegant solution to improving acoustics in interior spaces. Whether installed on the ceiling or walls, these panels offer a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. By reducing noise and reverberation, they create more pleasant and functional environments. Sustainable materials and contemporary designs make these panels ideal for offices, restaurants, conference rooms and homes. High-quality acoustic panels are the perfect choice if you want a solution that combines style and performance.

ECOcero's Ecobasic line consists of 3 panels that meet modern companies' operational and aesthetic needs. It is possible to choose between:




The basic version of ECOcero's Square, made from recycled PET squares, presents a new definition of simplicity and elegance within interior design. These minimalist acoustic panels, designed for walls and ceilings, are an excellent option for people looking to fuse practicality with a modest and timeless fashion sense. Square enriches any area through simple assembly, offering a clean design with geometric lines that add a subtle touch of sophistication, creating calm and timeless atmospheres.

Suitable for offices, hotels and educational facilities, Square elevates the visual appeal of any space while offering significant acoustic benefits. These panels help establish a more comfortable and productive environment conducive to concentration and relaxation by reducing noise and reverberations. Its minimalist and geometric design perfectly fits various decorative motifs, from ultra-modern to traditional, offering pragmatic and elegant solutions.




Made from recycled PET, Square panels excel acoustically and present an environmentally friendly alternative. This green approach reflects a dedication to sustainable architecture and green construction, positioning Square as a conscious choice for projects that aim to reduce their ecological footprint.


The circular panels from recycled PET demonstrate a solid dedication to sustainability and sustainable architecture. This environmentally conscious approach minimizes the environmental impact, ensuring that each panel contributes to establishing healthy and environmentally conscious spaces.




ECOcero's Circle is an excellent acoustic solution, combining functionality with a contemporary and minimalist design. Its ability to improve the acoustics of spaces, it's ingenious design and sustainable manufacturing position it as one of the best options on the market in decorative and ecological acoustic solutions, presenting an improved, visually attractive and environmentally conscious environment.

Circle introduces visual and functional ingenuity through its circular shape, offering a sophisticated and modern option compared to conventional square acoustic panels. Its clean design and fluid lines provide a touch of subtle elegance, creating calm and long-lasting environments that promote concentration and well-being.





ECOcero's Rectangle panels combine understated sophistication with practical utility, offering a refined option in acoustic panels for walls and ceilings. Constructed from recycled PET, these panels feature a rectangular shape that complements the contemporary aesthetic of any space, providing an effective solution in both acoustics and design. Its clear structure and precise lines exude a discreet and timeless quality, perfect for creating calm and welcoming environments.

Designed to fit a wide range of environments, from offices and educational institutions to hotels and commercial premises, Rectangle panels are easy to install and incredibly versatile. Their rectangular design allows for various configurations, integrating perfectly into any interior decoration. They provide unlimited opportunities for customization and visual improvement of any space.



Beyond their visual appeal, these panels represent a sustainable option that underlines a firm commitment to green construction and sustainable architecture. This environmentally conscious approach ensures that each panel improves the acoustics of spaces and minimizes environmental impact, promoting a healthier and more ecologically responsible working and living environment.