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Going back to work in the company of furry friends

Bosses enjoy the benefits that dogs provide

The 2019 Covid pandemic left mental health consequences, and more than half of office workers, now confined to be at home, made the decision to adopt a pet to have company and fun on the gray days of being at home.

As a result of this, and the vaccination being a reality in most countries of the world, one of the main concerns of employees today is what will happen to the daily relationship that they had created with their furry companions now that it is time to return to the offices.



A large number of former office workers, now settled in their home office, reject the idea of going back to work if it means having to give up the quality time they spent with their pets. This has been emphasized in recent surveys and is what has triggered the alarm of bosses and owners of companies who could be faced with the situation of losing great talents.

What could be confused with a situation of a whim between people and their pets is clarified by bringing to the spectrum the great weight that the accompaniment of furry beings had in the days of the pandemic and its influence on mental health of workers.



One of the worst consequences of the more than 15 months of the pandemic was the decline in mental health, due to isolation and inactivity, often ending in depression. These moments of total darkness that more than one had, were illuminated by the presence of a hairy being in their lives, and this has generated an undeniable emotional and affective dependence that is more positive than negative, therefore, it cannot be changed to the way it was before the pandemic so easily.

In the face of this situation, according to recent surveys, many post-pandemic offices will admit pets, which is very good news for the community of talents who adopted pets in their days of isolation, because what is not in doubt is that those who most enjoyed those days were the dogs and cats of the world, who must have been more than delighted to share 24/7 with their owners.



To everyone's delight, the confinement not only made office workers closer to their pets, but bosses also had plenty of time to join the lover’s club of the four-legged friends. Many bosses and business owners even experienced the benefits of owning a pet, such as becoming better business leaders, more compassionate and flexible than they used to be.

Recent research has shown that dogs at work influence more collaborative work environments and lower stress levels.



Of course, people who are allergic and those who do not have such a preference for canines would not be left out, as it is all about creating more beneficial and productive workspaces for all personnel in general.