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Extraordinary home office designs

More than offices, works of art

While some settle for a desk and a chair in the corner of the study room to complete their home office, others jump into the sea of creativity and have given life to true dream spaces, showing that, because it is at home, it does not mean that we have to limit our space, after all, the more personality we give to the work area, the more it will inspire and will surely motivate us to spend more time producing.

Although for some, seeing these home office designs can make them feel somewhat disappointed in their own space, the ideal is to see it from the most positive point of view and take these ideas to exploit creativity. From glass-walled rooms overlooking the ocean, to capsule offices located in the backyard to connect with nature, here are some unusual home office designs that dramatically change the perspective of workspaces and studios in general.



Office in heaven

In a vacation home in the forests of California we find the first office out of series, located in an external wing, raised in the air as if it were about to take off, this space revolutionizes in every way what is known as an office, its glass walls are the only thing that separates the interior of the home office from the natural environment.



Spherical office covered with tiles

This incredible tile orb, popularly known as the Archipod, is a trend for home offices that are not really “at home” but rather, in the yard. Mimicking the shape of fruit dropped from a tree, each of these luxury pre-fab huts comes equipped with porthole windows, top-hinged gull doors, electrical hookups, a semi-circular interior desk, lighting, and a heater.



Vintage Cube-Bus Ikarus Office

This person did take creativity and taste to the limit, cutting half an old Ikarus bus and inserting it into the corner of a wall to create a small home office in Hungary inside the room. For those who say that some ideas are impossible, the owner of this piece ended it by adding a corner desk in the inside to make it a beneficial place for concentration.



Letting your imagination fly will be the first step to transform and give life to truly unique and different spaces, just leave the furniture in our hands. Find in our product catalog a wide variety of furniture and equipment to achieve the necessary well-being and the most suitable environment according to your style and taste.