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Equipping a new office

Optimal planning will help achieve the perfect office.

When thinking about the design of a specific space, mistakes and the consequences that a bad design can have are often overlooked. Some of the poor results in an aesthetic deficiency in the facility can negatively impact the productivity and well-being of employees in the long term, as well as be costly for those who have invested in this change.

The many rapid paradigm shifts in space design as a result of the pandemic have made space remodeling one of the priority issues when making a truly beneficial and productive return to the office. The old office models, with divisions and isolated spaces, are not ideal for taking advantage of the new working methods and getting the most out of the current generations of employees. The flexible, agile, and open office is on everyone's lips, and the most sophisticated and avant-garde companies opt for this modality that has given extraordinary results in productivity and performance among co-workers.



Some of the pros that have already been established are:

An office always ready for change, is an office design that allows easy reconfiguration of the work environment and will be an essential factor for those companies whose business is constantly being redefined.

Attract and retain talent: A modern and up-to-date office is not only attractive for the new generations, but it also provides an atmosphere of well-being for its occupants, who not only seek a good salary but also feel supported with their physical health, as well as psychologically and emotionally.



Be sustainable: Sustainability is not simply a current option, it is a requirement that exists based on the demands of society, and companies must assume the responsibility of fulfilling a more active role in preserving the environment.

On the other hand, some of the cons that a bad remodeling or a bad space design could bring about are:

Low productivity of workers due to the poor organization when dividing the environments. Keep in mind that poor design can have an instant impact on employee productivity.



Generate low brand sentiment if employees cannot feel comfortable in the facility. One of the main successes of large companies like Google and Apple is that their employees feel proud to belong to these companies.

Increase in operating costs in case of making bad decisions to take advantage of natural light and air conditioning. Inadequate implementation of the project can greatly increase expenses in the workspace in the short, medium, and long term.



The best way to carry out a good remodeling or office design is by choosing a trusted architect, designer, and furniture dealer, who advises and guides you through the planning and application phases of your remodeling and equipment.