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Does office furniture have an expiration date?

Renovating the workspace can be a smart investment.

It's a fact that furniture, the more up to date, the more durable, but that doesn't mean that the designer sofa you bought in 2000 to impress customers will continue to make the same impression today.

Just as it is customary to change clothes according to trends and fashion, changing office furniture should be considered at least every 3 to 5 years. That is if you don't want customers and employees to feel that when they walk through the door they have taken a trip to the past. For a great first impression, and for employees to feel more motivated (and thus produce better), furniture should be updated just like electronic equipment when it starts to go out of date.



We are experiencing one of the key moments to renew the furniture in the office, in view of everything that has happened in the world in the past 3 years where there has been a great paradigm shift in all types of living spaces that exist, being one of The most important factors to consider are the unexpected evolution of the labor system as work from home becomes necessary. Many employees adapted to the comfort of home and discovered in that comfort new strategies to produce more optimally.

The comfort of working from home and the new health measures to take care of general well-being would be the triggers for a whole new style of interior design and decoration in work spaces, a style that is known today as hybrid design.



Any furniture remodeling and updating project that you want to do from now on should consider adding hybrid furniture to your plans that allows the creation of open workspaces, which at the same time do not leave aside private spaces for the people who need more concentration or that produce better in isolated environments.

Recommendations for upgrading the office start by thinking about how to preserve the general health and well-being of employees. With this in mind, consider including pieces that are easy to install and suitable for areas both large and small, with clean surfaces and easy movement, always keeping in mind ergonomic seating, flexible dividers, and multi-functional storage systems.



This is the best time to invest in an office update; setting up a hybrid workspace can benefit the business thanks to two key aspects: customers feel welcome and excited about a modern and innovative environment, and employees feel comfortable and motivated to carry out their daily activities thanks to a renewed and modern environment.