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Discover the Denefits of a Managed Office Space

Managed or rented offices, the workspace revolution

Spaces that offer hybrid, serviced, and co-working offices (a combination of private office space, co-working, and other amenities) can now be easily found around the world. As companies turn to flexible workspaces to reduce costs, avoid long-term leases, and facilitate access to new markets, office space is evolving to meet a broader variety of business requirements.

The first thing is to clarify, what are managed offices?

A managed workspace is a fully outsourced workspace solution. Everything is taken care of, from the supply of the property to its design, in short, its operation; all done by a third party. This allows the company to focus on the execution of its main functions, while the office service is in charge of personalizing the space.



One of the main advantages obtained by renting this type of space is greater transparency and cost management, greater speed to market, and greater business agility. Companies in a variety of different industries are looking for this bespoke solution to mitigate costs and broaden their reach.

Benefits of rented or managed offices

The biggest advantage of managed office space is that the space provider will handle the entire process, from finding the right space for the client to negotiating with the owner and formulating the costs involved in the process. Likewise, the same provider will be in charge of designing, building, and adapting a space to satisfy the demands of the clients, obtaining furniture, accessories, and what is necessary for technology and telecommunications, as well as managing all the services once the client moves, which that allows them to simply focus on running the business, going about their daily activities.



Managed space is fully customizable-custom fit and design allows businesses to operate in a fully branded office space.

Clear pricing: Managed workspace can be accessed by businesses of any size, and all associated costs are converted into one fee at no additional cost.



Flexibility: A managed workspace lease can be negotiated and purchased based on your needs. This includes:

  • Find a building and exit when you are ready.
  • Access to expert advice and resources.
  • An accredited partner to deliver your bespoke workspace.
  • Speed to market. Managed offices can be set up faster than a typical workspace, meaning there are no move-in delays.

Managed offices are a great option to help reduce costs and increase business agility. When office space is the second largest cost for most businesses, this solution represents significant time and money savings.