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Discover the Activity-Based Working (ABW) modality

A work approach that increases effectiveness and efficiency

The activity-based working modality is a current work philosophy that makes the tasks of the day more enjoyable for the organization and the employee.

The most peculiar thing about this working method is that it was born from a vision of free work (with its boundaries) focused on the employee and that it is the employee who decides how, where, when, and how to fulfill their work responsibilities.



The activity-based working model recognizes that the days of each individual involve a large number of activities, so the type of working style needs to be adjusted to each routine. It is a reality that spaces dedicated exclusively to work currently have 50% less use than in previous years, not only in physical space and sustainability but also in operational costs.

A great way to take full advantage of the activity-based work model is in a flexible office, which allows employees to switch between more private areas and open spaces according to what the day's activity calls for.



The greatest particularity of this working method is that it places great emphasis on creating a culture of connection, inspiration, responsibility, and trust that empowers both independently and the work teams, as well as the company itself to make the most of each potential. Put another way, activity-based work transforms work into something the employee feels empowered to do, rather than dependent on where they are.

Activity-based working is defined by 4 key elements: design, sensory experience, behavior reinforcement, and iterative learning.



Iterative learning must be guided and incentivized by company leaders, who must be the first to fully embrace the change in mindset, combined with the design, behaviors, and programming of an ever-evolving workplace. When key figures commit to creating a feedback loop to improve the workspace, they are helping to ensure that activity-based work is a success.

Benefits of Activity-Based Working

- Ideal for the new generations thanks to saying goodbye to unnecessary rules and procedures, archaic offices, and rigid work schedules.

- Promotes brainstorming and the easy sharing of information among co-workers.

- Stimulates speed and effectiveness in work teams as well as individual performance.



These aspects make work more enjoyable and challenging, boosting productivity and generating more professional results.

Workspaces evolve with generations, and today's employees want more flexibility, autonomy, and the ability to choose when and where to work. Today's top talent is more global than ever, so the workplace must adapt and grow with the trends.