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Design an office for each personality type

After the pandemic, well-being must be ensured in spaces.

A lot has been said about ways to improve workplace culture and productivity, but a more effective and beneficial trend today is to design with the work team in mind.  Although in the first instance it may sound problematic to decorate based on the people who inhabit the space, taking into account how different people can be, the truth is that creating a functional workspace, which meets the needs of employees, is one of the best methods to take care of the workforce’s health.

Do you want to make sure that each workspace ensures employee productivity?



Achieving this is possible by developing a design based on the organization and arrangement of the equipment and the type of work.  Some teams need large spaces for everyone to collaborate, while others may need several smaller spaces to focus.  The more the space is optimized according to the tasks that the team performs, the more productive it can be.

Another very effective way to increase well-being and productivity is to make the company’s equipment and processes adapt to a greater variety of needs.



It is undeniable that each person has an ideal work environment. Designing an office that works for both introverts and extroverts requires looking for certain solutions.

Introverts prefer smaller spaces that accommodate smaller groups. While extroverts tend to enjoy larger groups and spaces that allow conversation between team members. Thinking about employee satisfaction is a great current method to increase the productivity of the members because, in addition to improving the company’s statistics, there will be happier workers who feel more comfortable at work every day.



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