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Acoustic panels for this 2024

Optimize the office experience by improving spatial sound

Acoustic panels are soft wall panels that absorb sound, reducing reverberation, echo and noise levels in a space. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can be installed anywhere.

 Acoustic panels are commonly used in offices to minimize background noise and create a more productive work environment. In recording studios, they improve sound quality by reducing unwanted noise and controlling room acoustics.



Although the decorative aspect of acoustic panels is another point in their favor, their main objective is to improve sound quality and reduce unwanted noise. Whether it is a company, business, independent talent or someone looking for a more comfortable environment, acoustic panels are vital to optimize effectiveness.

Did you know that 25% of work stress cases are due to noise exposure? This is not just a statistic that can negatively affect a company's financial performance; It also directly affects the work team. The effects of noise exposure on employees are difficult to measure but can be significant, leading to poor work environments, decreased productivity, and a negative company image.



Acoustic conditioning reduces noise in establishments by more than 70%, resulting in a much better customer experience and increasing the likelihood of returning customers. Research shows that 70% of people avoid noisy places such as hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

25% of cases of work stress arise from noise exposure. This is not only a figure that can have tremendous repercussions on the company's balance sheet, but it directly impacts the work team. Its consequences could be more measurable but multiple, from noisy work environments, decreased productivity or poor internal image of the company.



In 2017, ECOcero was established in Alicante, and since then, it has become a benchmark in the acoustic panel sector. The company is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability since the acoustic panels are manufactured from recycled bottles. To date, more than 5 million plastic bottles have been successfully recycled.

Ecocero panels have reduced manufacturing times to three weeks, even during busy periods, a significant achievement in the acoustics sector. The company has invested in more than 100,000 m2 of stock and has equipped the factory with state-of-the-art machinery capable of meeting any order efficiently.



One of the most essential qualities of the materials used by Ecocero is their versatility. The material can be die-cut, cut, bevelled or deformed, with infinite possibilities to achieve unique results.

Various designs

Countless designs and acoustic solutions are available in the catalogue, adapted to almost any project. The design team, top artists, and designers have created solutions that can generate countless technical and sensory possibilities. Design professionals have also chosen a wide range of colours; the desired effect can be achieved by covering the entire colour range.



Types of panels: Ecowall.

Available in 2 models:

V cut

The auditory and decorative acoustic panels are designed to optimize performance and feature a unique V shape that effectively slows the spread of vibrations and reduces resonance in walls and ceilings. This specific design is more than just a shape; it is a turning point in the acoustics industry. To transform the space with exceptional acoustic quality and design, ECOcero V-cut panels are an extraordinary option.

The peculiarity of the V cut in the acoustic panels allows the uniform and safe connection of the panels, resulting in a smooth and continuous surface. Likewise, its distinctive shape opens the door to creating intriguing patterns and textures on walls and ceilings, enhancing the aesthetics of any space and adding a unique decorative touch.



Die cut

Die-cut acoustic panels are the ideal solution for anyone looking to improve the sound quality of their space. Using an innovative manufacturing process called die-cutting, sheets of recycled plastic are cut and shaped into panels with unique designs and an internal structure designed to optimize sound absorption. With die-cut acoustic panels, you can enjoy superior quality and, at the same time, positively impact the environment. These panels are worth trying to experience the difference.

With die-cut acoustic panels, the possibilities are endless. You have the power to create a custom solution that looks beautiful and offers superior acoustics. Also, the die-cutting process produces panels that are visually appealing and effective at absorbing sound waves and reducing unwanted noise and reverberation.



At ECOcero, we are passionate about delivering exceptional acoustic solutions that improve everyday comfort and promote a greener planet. Superior acoustics, captivating design and sustainability, can coexist, and an impressive selection of acoustic and decorative panels underscores our unwavering devotion to this mission. We are happy to offer several options to elevate your space while reducing your carbon footprint.