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Acoustic Booths

Small but powerful, acoustic booths for modern and functional offices

Acoustic booths are a game-changer in the modern office design landscape, providing a space dedicated to peace, concentration and overall well-being to boost team productivity and creativity. These cabins are not just a functional addition, but a strategic investment in employee happiness and efficiency, showcasing a sustainable and forward-thinking approach to work.

 Designed with an eco-friendly mindset, Sweet Home acoustic booths are built with premium materials and environmentally friendly techniques to reduce your carbon footprint. This not only promotes a more environmentally friendly workspace but also provides better acoustics, crucial for offices that prioritize privacy and noise reduction. Offering a secluded sanctuary, these booths allow employees to tackle tasks that require intense concentration or conduct calls and video conferences without interruptions.




5 Key Benefits of Implementing Acoustic Booths:

 Noise Reduction: Acoustic booths are designed to isolate sound, providing a quieter space free of distractions. This is especially useful in open offices, where ambient noise can be an issue.

 Improved Concentration: By reducing ambient noise, acoustic booths allow employees to focus better on their tasks. This is particularly beneficial for jobs that require great attention and concentration.



Privacy for calls and meetings: Acoustic booths are ideal for making phone calls or participating in virtual meetings without distractions or interruptions. They provide a private space to have important conversations.

Individual Workspaces: Acoustic booths offer isolated areas where employees can perform tasks that require concentration, such as report writing, reading, or any work that requires a quiet environment.



Greater Comfort and Well-being: The reduction in noise and the possibility of working in a quieter environment contribute to the general well-being of employees. Comfort in the workplace is associated with higher levels of satisfaction and productivity.

The design of ECOcero's Sweet Home acoustic booths is not just about functionality, it also emphasizes aesthetics by combining a modern, minimalist style with a practicality that adapts effortlessly to any office environment. Their perfect integration into various work areas makes them a versatile and visually attractive option for organizations looking to improve their spaces with sophisticated solutions.




ECOcero's Sweet Home acoustic booths go beyond being simple workspaces; They are essential tools to promote a more productive and healthy work environment. With their innovative design, sustainable features and exceptional acoustics, these cabins are ideal for companies looking to balance functionality and environmental consciousness, paving the way to a more adaptable future that prioritizes the well-being of the work team.