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3 Mind-blowing home office designs

Creativity and engineering make fantasy a reality.

While many are finishing organizing their workspace at home, accommodating the desk and the ergonomic chair in a suitable space, others have taken the concept of the home office to a different level, creating completely new environments and taking the personalization of the space to something only imaginable for the most innovative and dynamic minds. Do you want to fascinate yourself with some extraordinary ideas for home offices? Get ready because this is about to start.

An office worthy of explorers

Even working from home, the routine of being behind a desk can take a toll on well-being and productivity, and this office environment changes the experience entirely.



Wade Davis, recognized for his talent as an anthropologist and ethnographer for National Geographic, has given life to this office that he has conveniently filled with curious objects from different parts of the world, giving it a special touch of a treasure chamber. In this space with an archaeological and modern spirit, what is most striking is the 19-foot dome carefully designed to store a wealth of knowledge right above your head. The idea was to replicate the Greek temple of Delphi in his home.

Office in the closet

When you don't know where to install your home office because space isn't what you have left, all you have to do is use your imagination to turn it around and see things from a different perspective, as happened when giving life to this office not only at home but literally in the closet.

A two-foot by six-foot closet was enough to transform the compact space into a sufficiently organized and functional home office. The accessories, the colors, and the delicate choice of furniture make the closet a comfortable and pleasant place to focus and work.



This is a perfect and independent office: with an ideal chair to store it when closing the closet doors, which makes it completely out of the field of vision and changes the environment to “home” mode from one moment to another.

The office that goes to the sea

Work and daily activities make it difficult to take vacations and disconnect from the routine. In that case, taking the opportunity to be free to decorate the home office to your liking is the perfect way to get out of it, as the designer of custom interior trim, TreeMarsh, from South Carolina, USA did.



This nautical-themed office is a fantasy come true. The space covered in wood from ceiling to floor resembles the cabin of a boat, where you can easily daydream that you are in one of the seven seas.

This office design includes a remarkable molding job, a custom carved door, a relief of the Roman god of the sea Neptune, and a globe as the finishing touch, a view that every sailor worth his salt knows he cannot do without.