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2023 is painted fantasy with the color Wild Wonder

The new color chosen by Dulux adapts to the mood of the moment

Dulux, the international architectural paint brand, has jumped ahead of Pantone by announcing its Color of the Year 2023. With almost 90 years in the market, Dulux (headquartered in England) was one of the first alkyd-based paint brands in the world (also known as oil paint).

For the past 20 years, the color experts at Dulux have translated global ideas into a color of the year that matches the mood and emotions of the moment. The shade selected for the coming year is Wild Wonder, a bright, optimistic shade inspired by the natural world.



The chosen color is a pale yellow, reminiscent of banana pulp. Dulux describes it as a 'pale gold with hints of green, inspired by fresh seed pods and freshly harvested wheat.'

This soft color is like an ode to the reconnection with nature, to the desire to be outdoors, especially after the long period of confinement that the world has just experienced, and Wild Wonder is in line with the global effort towards sustainability. Dulux uses a beautiful phrase to describe this color choice for the new year: 'As people seek support, connection, inspiration, and balance in today's world, they turn to the wonders of the natural world to find them.'



Wild Wonder is a calming shade, and its subtle reference to nature will help you mentally feel better indoors. It is a perfect color for adding character to communal areas, such as breakout rooms or conference rooms, because it gives these normally closed spaces a feeling of warmth and light.

This color not only refers to nature but understands its value more intensely. Climate change has become a reality for everyone, today it is inevitable to feel the urgency to reconnect with nature and the need to work with it instead of against it.



Dulux goes beyond recommending a single color to decorate throughout the year, the company knows well that knowing the color in depth will help to know how to use it intelligently and bring the magic and power of nature to the space of preference.

To inspire interior decoration, two color palettes were created based on Wild Wonder, one more subdued and the other much brighter, calibrated to highlight the banana pulp tone. In general, green, brown, and lilac are the colors that best enhance this almost magical color, which also goes perfectly with earth tones.