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Benefits of Working from Home: Not Going Anywhere

The dream of many is possible: not having to leave home to work

Calculating all the time you save commuting to get to the office will surprise you, given all the extra time that's now at your disposition if you start working from home.


Let's look at the two most common examples when having your own vehicle: First, you save many liters on gas and car maintenance service, and you will avoid delays because of heavy traffic. On the other hand, if you go to work by public transport, now you don't have to even think about it. You're going to save yourself the early rush breakfast, the run to the bus stop or the metro station, and all that time you spend on the ride to work. Definitely, one of the best benefits of working from home is not having to actually go to your workplace. It's just a simple matter of getting up at a time that suits you, changing clothes (which is still very important), having breakfast, and moving to your study to start the day. It's a dream come true.




The biggest problem for those who work from home in this sense is controlling their schedules. For some, it can transform into an incorrigible spiral of laziness where you will spend the day idly sleeping to end up working late at night; while one the other side, some end up transforming their work into their lives, and neither is right.




First, you must remember that your work and your life are separate things: Second, you must keep in mind that, even if you are working from home, you must comply with protocols and schedules, no working in pajamas or in spaces full of distractions, these are the rules that people most often ignore.