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Having fun in a group is possible with the appropriate measures

Those who have already returned to the office or who are about to return, are surely wondering what will happen to their rest and relaxing time, some may be thinking that these hours will be to spend at the workplace or doing an activity that does not involve contact with others, the truth is that this idea would not benefit the physical or mental health of employees, therefore, what would be truly healthy is for companies to invest in recreational spaces adapted to the new normality.

Relaxation areas, cafes, meeting points, receptions and other spaces where people must socialize because it is almost inevitable to do so, are places that must assume the health measures that have been implemented in the offices that want to transform and be safe post pandemic spaces, always within the Cool Working environment.




The equipment and products that provide versatility and the possibility of configuring areas with coherence and harmony will be ideal for adapting social environments, without diminishing the importance and priority of the use of resistant and washable materials that ensure their hygiene and durability.

Of course, not only the infrastructures and furniture must adapt to the new measures, but it will also be something cultural, where people will have to get used to new ways of interacting, for example: maintaining bigger distance and avoiding crowding in spaces.