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Adapting public spaces to new measures

General well-being must be present in all environments

Maintaining a safe public space has always been a general rule, and even a legal obligation that must be followed, nothing new. But because of the situation in which world society has been immersed in recent months, security measures in public environments will undoubtedly be reinforced.

In these moments when it is being considered to resume social life, flexible public environments are the ones that will begin to experience the wave of people who are desperate to breathe some fresh air and enjoy sharing among others than those with whom they have spent all their time at home.




Health centers were the first to ensure adequate measures for the protection of those who could do nothing but continue to attend their workplaces to help save lives. Little by little, independent workplaces also began to take similar measures. to those of health centers and it is now the turn of shopping malls, bars, cafes and restaurants to prepare for the re-opening of their premises.

These measures are simple and consist of maintaining an adequate distance between furniture and people, being more careful with the capacity when gathering customers, taking care with cleaning and disinfection together with the implementation of anti-bacterial furniture, in the hopes to maintain an environment where everyone breathe well-being and vigor.




It should be borne in mind that, as well as the spaces must be adapted to new health measures, users must respect the new measures and take care with compliance with them, with the treatment of other people and of the employees of each place. .