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Designing the home office for employees

Providing employees with furniture is beneficial.

To keep businesses active and to ensure that the flow of productivity does not stop, many companies have chosen to act as technical support for their employees, helping them, in most cases, with Internet access, electronic equipment and work’s schedules. Nowadays there are offices that are not limiting themselves to that, but are beginning to provide their employees with ergonomic chairs and office desks to ensure the health and well-being of their precious talent from home.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to feel with no end in sight, many companies accepted that they needed to take immediate action to ensure optimal organization and productivity. The immediate solution was to ensure that employees could work comfortably from home. From modern monitors to keyboards were moved into the homes of employees.



Not all companies sent the equipment directly; some decided to assume the expenses that their talents made when buying what was necessary to set up the home office. This is the case of Walmart Lab, who not only reimbursed their employees for laptops and monitors, but also paid them to adequately equip the workspace at home. Being that, since March 2020, employees can receive investment reimbursements through the Internet, headphones, ergonomic chairs and tables.

This support for employees has generated an increase in applications for office furniture brands. More and more companies are opening their eyes to new work systems that help guarantee the safety of their businesses and the well-being of their employees, two things that go completely hand in hand.



Since each house is different, employers have allowed employees to choose the right furniture for their spaces. Some of the most requested products are folding tables, because of how convenient they are for small spaces, folding chairs and pouf stools.

The space where you will work at home must be comfortable enough to be able to fulfill all the daily activities without losing concentration and creative enough so that the flow of creativity never stops. With this in mind, Actiu developed the Agile collection, which makes decisions simpler. In it, you will find a wide range of flexible furniture solutions that will allow you to decorate the space according to each preference and activity.



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