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Design that crosses borders with virtual reality

The possibilities in design and architecture become endless.

3D technologies and virtual reality open up a new universe of possibilities for architectural and interior design because the realities previously imagined in two dimensions before the computer age are now taken to a new and much more convenient level.

What began with plans and designs in stone and charcoal, and continued to be done on paper for centuries, is now done in three-dimensional models thanks to the technology of computer programs. But now the doors have opened to a new reality, a new technology that takes the design and creation of spaces to a new level, virtual reality is a present tool and the cornerstone that the world needed for the visualization of projects.



One of the greatest benefits that virtual reality has for interior design is that through the sensory phase it allows first-person experimentation of the final result of a design process that begins as a sketch but is physically reflected in the technical plans and as the last step the spaces are furnished with a series of elements that give the project the final touch, giving it personality and all kinds of nuances.

The benefits that virtual reality allows for design are details that, if they continue to remain only on paper, could not be studied and experienced. How errors are minimized, spaces are humanized, modifications can be made, and discussed with the professional who performs them and the end-user, are an enormous simplification for the decision-making process.



Perhaps the century we live in is not one of flying cars and interplanetary commercial trips, but the technological transformations that have been achieved in the last 20 years have been enormous in terms of technology and communication, and the horizons of interactivity do not stop expanding into the plane of the imagined meeting reality, so virtual reality is a great tool to experience in first person what the project will be before it becomes reality.

Faced with these new challenges and technological opportunities, Actiu is always at the forefront to provide and guarantee the best service and development of concepts and projects. In line with this, Actiu's planning and projects department has been researching and implementing virtual reality technology to get the most out of it and quickly find the best solutions for architects and interior designers.



In its commitment to virtual reality, Actiu has developed the Actiu Virtual Tour 360° system, with which ideas and concepts have been materialized in an orderly and highly visual manner, creating new and unique experiences in the future user space.